The A to Z of Email Marketing for your Gym


If there’s anything that the 21st century has failed to do, it’s to remove the captivation that people have with physical appearance. Unlock your fitness potential and achieve your personal goals with our expert guidance at [Your Gym Name]. Sign up now and receive exclusive workout tips and nutrition advice through our targeted Email Marketing program.

But with business comes rising competition and an industry that’s more fast-paced than ever before. In such an environment, it’s incredibly crucial to keep up with your competitors, and the same goes for any gym that’s trying to make and increase profitability. And that’s where marketing comes in!

While there are a host of marketing mediums that gyms can turn to, one of the most profitable by far is email. Not only does it allow for unprecedented reach, but it’s also a great combination of visual, written, and video content. 

Here’s how you can use an email marketing strategy for your gym:

Include GIFs or Video Content

People like to be entertained, and there’s something about GIFs and video content that holds interest. Not only do they add an element of fun to your email, but they’re also a welcome break from the regular text-only emails. 

You can include humorous GIFs to accompany a punchline, add a video from the founder, or even add short educational videos that help the customer better understand the services being offered at your gym and get a complete look at the place that they’re going to be working out in. 

Once GIFs and video content become regular additions to your email campaigns, you’ll see the conversion rates shoot up! 

Pay Attention to your Subject Line

Of course, the whole success of an email is decided at the moment when it’s either opened or sent to the trash. With tens and even dozens of new emails coming through to people’s inboxes every day, it’s obvious that only a select few get opened. 

And the best way to ensure that your email is among this selection is to pay attention to your subject line. After all, your subject line is the first thing that your email recipients will see – so it’s best to make it stand out. 

Good strategies to apply to your subject line are to include the recipient’s name, add a dated reminder that pushes urgency, or to mention an exclusive offering or discount in the subject line itself. These tactics of personalization and attention-grabbing often work in the sender’s favor and result in an increased email open rate!

Add an Unsubscribe Button and CTAs

Similar to the subject line, your email is only useful if it actually shows up in the recipient’s main inbox – very seldom do people regularly go through their spam and junk mail. And while making sure that your email doesn’t end up in the latter depends on a number of things such as the email subscriber and platform that you’re using, there is one very simple trick that you can apply to diminish the likeliness. 

Adding an unsubscribe button or link. While this is a simple step that doesn’t require additional time or effort, it often does the trick and keeps your email out of spam or junk. Add if you’re worried about people taking this as an opportunity to unsubscribe from your emails – then just add it to the bottom of your email in a small font!

Another thing that you can do to make your email campaigns successful is to add in CTAs in each email. Not only do CTAs take your users from the email to your website or app where they can actually subscribe to your gym membership, but CTAs also help keep focus in the email, bringing the user back to the product or service that’s being offered and prompting action. 

Use an Email Template

If you’re someone who realizes the importance of email but is holding yourself back because of the design part, then turning to ready-made email templates is a lifesaver! Not only will you finally be able to use email marketing for your gym, but you’ll also have a lot more time on your hands once the design is taken care of. 

For designs that perform well, check out PosterMyWall’s email templates on their website. Not only do they have dozens of designs available that are fully editable and customizable, but the platform is so user-friendly that it makes the whole emailing process a breeze! Simply select a design you like, edit it according to your gym and its offerings, and send your email on its way!

Adopt an Email Marketing Platform 

Of course, the most crucial part of email marketing is to be consistent. If you’re neglecting your email campaigns – which can be pretty easy to do given the dozen other business tasks that are always going on – you’ll see the cracks and negative effects start to appear in the long run. 

An effective remedy to this is to invest in an email marketing platform for all of your email campaigns. PosterMyWall’s email marketing platform is one of the best out there – and it has numerous features that will help push up your email’s performance and also make sure that they’re sent out regularly. 

Not only does the platform include complete design features, but it also allows email scheduling and analytics tracking so you can see exactly how your emails are doing and what changes need to be implemented. 

So, if you’re looking to market your gym using email campaigns, then these tips and tricks are the way to go. Just be sure to make adjustments according to your gym and to bring your own creativity! Happy emailing! 

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