Idol Energy Company: supply of petroleum products around the world


Today we would like to introduce you to one of the most important players in the energy and refined petroleum products market. Idol Energy is a Ghanaian company that supplies top quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). We offer you to get acquainted with its activities and competitive advantages. Perhaps this acquaintance will be the start of your mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation. 

Idol Energy Company in numbers 

Idol Energy Company was founded to provide customers with high quality products and services. Idol Energy Company is recognized for its reliability, innovative approach and excellent service. Thanks to its experience and professionalism, the company ensures a stable supply of quality petroleum products for various industries, transportation and energy sectors.

Let us briefly focus on the main figures that characterize Idol Energy Company:

  • 2021 was the official foundation of Idol. But objectively, we can talk about 10 years of experience in supplying petroleum products, as it is inextricably linked to the activities of another Ghanaian company, Platon Gas Oil. This is the first private functional oil refining company that actually launched the development of the industry in the region;
  • The company’s portfolio includes 4 products: gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and liquefied petroleum gas; 
  • 4 operational offices (2 in Tema, 1 in Lagos, and 1 in Kumasi);
  • 17 gas stations under management. 

By choosing Idol Energy Company as their supplier of petroleum products, businesses can be assured of stable supply, product quality and compliance with high environmental standards. 

The secret to on-time delivery is efficient logistics

The secret of Idol Energy’s on-time deliveries lies in its highly organized and efficient logistics system. The company has a well-designed logistics network that minimizes delivery time and optimizes supply processes. The use of innovative technologies and automation systems in warehouse management and routing helps ensure fast and accurate delivery of petroleum products to customers. The company’s employees are highly professional and responsible, which allows us to maintain high quality service. Thanks to this efficient logistics system, Idol Energy provides its customers with reliable and timely supply of petroleum products, which creates an additional competitive advantage in the market. 

Care for quality and the environment

Idol Energy Company has a proactive policy towards environmental standards, which is becoming an important factor in today’s world, where environmental responsibility is becoming an increasingly important priority for businesses. The company’s technologies and processes are designed to minimize environmental impact, making it an attractive choice for companies seeking to reduce their environmental footprint. 

The company pays great attention to compliance with environmental standards and ensuring the quality of refined products. The quality control process at Idol Energy has the following structure:

  • modern laboratories equipped with innovative equipment for product quality control at all stages of processing, storage and delivery;
  • use of advanced technologies to maximize the efficiency and reliability of control. Every year, the company invests huge amounts of money in equipment for monitoring, controlling and reducing emissions. And this is right, because it is an investment in the future;
  • Ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the audit, which is achieved through the transparency of the monitoring system, the use of recognized methods and a high level of staff qualifications.

Idol Energy’s quality control process is well-structured and detailed. The use of modern laboratories, professional staff, careful control at every stage, application of advanced technologies and ensuring reliability and accuracy allow the company to provide its customers with the highest quality products. This process is one of the key components of the company’s success and customer satisfaction.

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Idol Energy Company – your reliable supplier

Idol Energy Company is your reliable supplier that is ready to provide your business with stable and uninterrupted access to quality petroleum products. The company not only provides the highest level of service and support, but also uses advanced technologies and approaches to ensure the efficient operation of your business. Idol Energy Company is a reliable partner for medium and large businesses that is ready to help you achieve your goals and develop your business to the next level. Do not waste time and choose us for a reliable and successful partnership!

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