Should You Use Enclosed Auto Transport 


Car shipping services have the potential to be confusing for those who haven’t transported a vehicle before. If researched, Use Enclosed Auto Transport can be a relatively stress-free option for car owners. While there are two options for auto transport, including open-air and enclosed carriers, car owners choose the enclosed hauler for many reasons. 

The transport method has a higher charge than an open-air carrier, but the enclosed method also has advantages over the open hauler. A key benefit is the protection from the outdoors. The solid four-wall construction keeps the cars safe and secure from weather conditions, road debris, possible loss, and vandalism. 

Typically, the transport is reserved for high-end vehicles or classic, collectible autos. Still, it’s also favored for cars that carry a great deal of sentimental value for the owner due to the considerably high price point compared to the open-air hauler. 

Why Car Owners Choose Enclosed Carriers for Car Shipping 

An enclosed auto transport is a solid four-wall transport that protects vehicles from the outside elements, road debris, loss, and vandalism. This is especially important for owners of cars that have a high monetary or sentimental investment.  

The reason the carrier is reserved for vested vehicles is because of the considerable price point compared to the standard open-air carrier. In these cases, the benefits are worth the higher cost. Here are a few of those advantages. 

The safety 

The enclosed car hauler offers exceptional protection in the car shipping process with a highly trained driver who prioritizes the safety and security of the vehicles with the cars arriving at their destination in the exact condition as they were picked up.  

With an enclosed carrier, only the driver is aware of what the load contains, keeping the autos safer from vandalism. When closed in away from the outdoor elements, the cars are protected from damage due to weather conditions, road debris, or other incidents.  

While this method offers an extra layer of protection, it’s reserved more for cars that have either a high monetary or sentimental value since the price is considerably more than the traditional hauler and less accessible. 

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Protection from the outdoors 

With enclosed transport, vehicles are protected from environmental hazards, which is particularly beneficial with long-distance delivery. If a car is transporting to another area of the country, it can see many variations in weather conditions, some potentially harsh. 

This would be a good reason to invest a higher amount for the enclosed carrier to avoid exposure to possible dust storm threats, ice and snow, severe rain and wind, hail, and more.  

On an open-air carrier, these conditions could possibly lead to dings, scratches or other damage, though unusual. The threat is eliminated altogether in a closed trailer.  

While the drivers are skillfully trained, issues like weather are beyond their control; thus, the carrier offers options like the enclosed carrier to avoid the potential for unavoidable issues and insurance compensation when and if these problems occur. 

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The threat of vandalism 

While drivers ensure the greatest level of protection for vehicles while in transit, it’s essential to be prepared for any risk, including that of vandalism, one of the least concerns but still a possible threat. That’s particularly true when drivers need to take a break from driving for food or rest. 

If the area is known for high crime, an open-carrier would be more at risk than the enclosed hauler. It’s worth the higher price point for a vehicle of any monetary or sentimental value when vandalism or theft is even a slight consideration. 

Loss or damage to a car despite having compensation could still not be fully covered, leaving you with considerable costs that exceed the investment you might make in having the extra protection offered by an enclosed hauler. Click for guidance on picking a carrier. 

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Peace of mind 

Some car owners are willing to pay the higher cost for an enclosed carrier to have the peace of mind that their auto will be delivered safely and securely with little likelihood of delay and that extra layer of protection not offered with the open-air hauler. 

Some owners are uncomfortable having their vehicle exposed on an open trailer with potential damage, no matter how slight. The weather exposure, road debris, and threats of loss or vandalism, while minimal in either situation, are even less in an enclosed trailer. 

While the enclosed carrier is typically reserved for those vehicles with a high monetary or sentimental value, all car owners can take advantage of the hauler.  

If you’re unsure whether the enclosed car transport suits your situation, consider your car’s monetary and sentimental value, the distance you’re having the vehicle transported, and your stress level with shipping it. What will give you the greatest peace of mind?

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