How GPS Vehicle Trackers Are Changing The Logistics Game


The transportation and logistics landscape is extensively growing, currently having a market value of $1211 billion and rising to $1805 billion by 2029 at 5.11% CAGR. However, embracing technology and prevailing trends is paramount to remain significant and competitive in the industry. GPS Vehicle Trackers have become an essential tool for fleet management, enabling real-time tracking of vehicles, optimizing routes, enhancing security, and improving overall operational efficiency.

GPS vehicle tracking technology is one of the soaring technologies leveraging logistics and transportation businesses.

Here, we look at how GPS vehicle trackers change logistics and transportation.

1. Boosting Driver Performance and Safety

Drivers are the pivot of your logistics and transposition practices. From the vehicle’s condition and routes they travel to the weather conditions they drive in, you must prioritize their well-being and safety. A GPS vehicle tracker can help you keep track of your drivers and vehicles, discouraging poor driving habits such as careless driving and overspeeding.

It also ascertains that drivers uphold safety precautions, reducing accident risks. Still, it enables you to identify complying drivers and gift incentives or rewards accordingly.

2. Automation

Automation helps companies in the logistics space save time, reduce errors, and streamline the process. In addition, it helps in inventory management, shipment tracking, and order processing, among other tasks. At the very least, it frees your workers to concentrate on more significant tasks like business development and customer service while providing more accurate outcomes.

3. Improving Fleet Management

A GPS vehicle tracker enables fleet managers to see the performance and visibility of every car on the road. This gives a clear view of the scope to boost and the maintenance requirements of each vehicle. Still, it allows you to reroute vehicles in the wrong direction or assign a pick-up on the same road based on the report you get from the tracker.

Typically, this system is all about improved management and planning. It lets you make real-time decisions following time, vehicles’ location, and other prevalent conditions. 

4. Mitigating Administrative Resources

You require additional employees to compile critical reports, such as mileage data for every vehicle on the road. Some will go with the driver, while others will remain in the office to perform a desk job. Eventually, this translates to a higher cost for the human resources in the road and office. 

But with GPS technology, you will significantly reduce the number of workers and instead receive real-time reports automatically from the vehicle. 

5. Allowing Efficient Route Planning

For every company looking to save on fuel costs and reduce delivery times, there’s a significant reason to plan their routes more suitably. Still, practical route planning is crucial for these reasons:

Decreases accident risks

Reduces transportation costs

Increases productivity

Boosts customer satisfaction

Increases driver satisfaction

Lowers vehicle maintenance costs

Allows better resource allocation

Effective route planning is only possible with route optimization software and a GPS vehicle tracker. Typically, these systems consider weather conditions, road closures, traffic, distance, time sensitivity, vehicle capacity, downtime, etc. This improves customer satisfaction while saving on costs.

6. Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

GPS tracker systems have also revolutionized customer satisfaction in logistics and transportation. Interestingly, improving customer experience can lead to more sales, loyalty, revenue, and cost-effective operations, as 79% of companies report.

With these systems, customers are always aware of when they’ll receive their goods through real-time notifications. Of course, this results in fewer frustrations, improving their satisfaction. 

Moreover, GPS tracker systems enable more personalized customer services regarding custom packaging and same-day delivery. Overall, it reduces attrition and complaints, leading to happier customers.

7. Cost Analysis

According to the Telematics Benchmark report, managing a fleet is many companies’ top challenge. Due to this, businesses use more resources while increasing labor costs, retarding the return on investment. 

In the same report, fuel costs come second in the overall transportation expenses of any vehicle. But this doesn’t mean all cars have the same fuel consumption capacity.

Fuel consumption depends on the car engine, type of fuel, vehicle condition, and, most importantly, the driver’s driving behavior.

You can only use a GPS vehicle tracker to determine the actual factors. Through it, you’ll undoubtedly identify drivers using your organization’s vehicle for personal merits and the old cars requiring more repair cost. Subsequently, act accordingly.

8. Minimizes Theft Cases

Logistics and transport landscape involve so many transactions; in the same way, much money is at risk. And if, by bad luck, one of your valuable company vehicles is stolen, you can experience huge losses and destruction of your reputation.

Luckily, with GPS trackers, you can monitor every direction your vehicle takes along with the driver. In any case, it sends alerts to you, making it possible to take action against any perpetrators.

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GPS vehicle tracker solutions are a must for any logistic or transposition business to succeed. The system provides abundant benefits to transform your company and propel it to higher heights.

So, you must invest a lot of money to bring a GPS vehicle tracker tool into your operations. To continuously realize its unending merits, be cautious about the quality, flexibility, and functionality capacity before deploying one.

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