7 Cybersecurity Technologies Every Business Should Utilize in 2023


In today’s world, businesses, large and small, face an increasing number of online threats. Just like a store may use locks, alarms, and security cameras to keep it safe, businesses require special tools and advanced systems to protect their online space. These tools keep important business information safe from hackers who might want to steal or misuse it. As of 2021, 61% of small-medium businesses were a target of cyberattacks, with malware being the most common – 18%. These statistics underscore the importance of implementing robust cybersecurity technologies. 

As the internet grows and changes, so do the threats that businesses face. But with the right tools, every business can feel safer and more confident online. Remember, it’s not only about having one strong lock but about using a mix of tools to keep every process and activity safe.

By utilizing advanced tools, businesses can operate online more securely and confidently. This article will share seven important cybersecurity tools that every business should think about using in 2023.

Let’s get started:

AI and Machine Learning in Threat Detection

Have you ever noticed how some websites remember what you looked at or searched for and then show you similar information or products? That’s a simple kind of “AI” or artificial intelligence at work. Now, think about using this smart tool to keep a lookout for online threats. 

AI can quickly check vast amounts of information and spot patterns or signs of danger. Such proactive measures mean if something unusual happens, like a sudden flood of traffic or strange login attempts, AI can spot it and raise the alarm. Businesses can then act fast to keep their online space safe.

Nonetheless, while utilizing advanced technology to prevent cybersecurity issues is crucial, training your workforce to identify and mitigate potential attacks is equally essential. Organizations can either invest in learning and development programs or convince their employees to enroll in relevant academic programs. Earning a cybersecurity online degree can prove valuable in this regard. Since the degree is online, employees won’t find it challenging to obtain a degree alongside managing work responsibilities. 

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Everyone likes the fast internet, especially businesses. But speed should not come at the cost of safety. Secure Access Service Edge, or SASE for short, is like a special expressway for online traffic. This expressway is not only fast but also has built-in security checks. 

So, if a business has workers who are far away or even in another country, they can use the internet safely and quickly with SASE. It’s like having the best of both worlds.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

You might have seen this when logging into some websites or apps. After entering a password, you get a text with a code, or maybe you use your fingerprint on your phone. This extra step is called Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA. It’s like having a second lock on a door. 

Even if someone guesses or steals a password, they’d still need the second code or your fingerprint to get in. It’s a simple but powerful way to add an extra layer of safety.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Think of “endpoints” as any device that connects to a business’s network, like computers, phones, or tablets. With so many devices, it can be hard to monitor all of them. That’s where Endpoint Detection and Response, or EDR, comes in. It’s like having a security camera on each device. If anything unusual happens on one of them, EDR spots it and lets the business know. These security measures allow companies to catch problems early and keep business data safe.

Blockchain for Data Integrity

Have you ever played the game ‘telephone,’ where a message gets passed around, and by the end, it’s all mixed up? Blockchain stops this from happening to data. It’s a way of storing information in linked blocks, like a chain. Once a piece of information is added, it can’t be changed without everyone seeing it. 

As such, if someone tries to sneak in and change something, everyone will know. It’s like having a clear, unbreakable glass box where everyone can see if something inside moves. Businesses can trust that their data is just as they left it, safe and unchanged.

Quantum Encryption

Locks can be picked, and codes can be cracked. But imagine a lock that changes every time someone tries to pick it. Quantum Encryption is kind of like that. It uses the special rules of tiny particles, much smaller than atoms, to make super secure codes. If anyone tries to break the code, it changes, making it super tough for sneaky folks to get in. 

Businesses that use Quantum Encryption have some of the safest data around. It’s like having a magical lock that outsmarts anyone trying to break it.

Privacy-Enhancing Computation

Sometimes, businesses need to use important data without actually looking at the details. Imagine being able to bake cookies without ever seeing the ingredients. Privacy-Enhancing Computation does this for data. 

It lets businesses use it, learn from it, and make decisions without ever seeing the personal details. It’s a way to keep things private while still getting the job done. So, if a business wants to see what most people are buying, they can, without knowing who bought what. It’s like having a secret recipe but still making the best cookies.

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Protecting a business online is similar to keeping a home safe. We have locks, alarms, and sometimes even security cameras. In the online world, businesses use special tools to keep their information safe. From the clear view of Blockchain to the magic-like security of Quantum Encryption, every tool has its special job. In 2023, since most activities are carried out online, it’s important to use the best tools available. For businesses, this means staying updated and always being ready to use the latest and greatest ways to stay safe. Whether you’re a big company or just starting out, take a look at these tools and see how they can help keep your business safe and sound in the online world.

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